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The Solar Together Program
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Introducing the

Solar Together Program

Alinta Energy has partnered with NRN to develop the all new Solar Together Program so more households can access renewable energy. With the Solar Together Program, the solar assets are provided to you at no cost fully installed.

How Will This Program Benefit You?


No upfront costs and significant energy savings


Make your home a source of clean and renewable energy


Fully managed and maintained solar package


The option to purchase the solar package at any time

How the Solar Together
Program Works


If your household is eligible, NRN will organise the right solar and battery solution for your home at no cost with no payment plan or financing through the Solar Together Program.


Alinta Energy will move you to their best energy plan with their most competitive rates. You'll also receive a $30 monthly cash reward for being part of the program.


Your Alinta Energy electricity plan tariff and rates will apply to all energy consumption, regardless of the source (grid, solar panels, or battery).


NRN and Alinta Energy will manage the solar and battery assets to maximise energy efficiency for your household and the electricity grid.


You have the option to purchase and own the solar package at any time.

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Second step

Complete an application form and site inspection

Third step

Get installed your solar battery system and enjoy the benefits

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Frequently Asked

How long does the Solar Together plan run?

If you are eligible to join the Solar Together Program, there is no set duration or end date. There are options to leave this program or change energy plans at any time. To learn more about leaving the Program, see the FAQ below: Can I cancel and remove my solar package?

Where does the solar energy from the panels go?

Several energy market dynamics come into play depending on the electricity supplied to the grid and the electricity demand. Alinta Energy will look to manage these scenarios to maximise efficiencies, which could mean using solar-generated electricity for your home, storing it in the battery, or even stopping solar generation for a short period to protect the grid when there is excessive supply.

What happens if my solar and battery system develops a fault?

As part of the Solar Together Program, your solar system will be serviced and maintained to ensure it performs at its best. If it experiences a fault, it will be fixed free of charge as long as you continue to be part of the Solar Together Program.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Solar Together program?

To be eligible, several criteria exist, such as owning the property and the space where the solar package will be installed. The property will also need to be assessed to check its suitability for a solar and battery installation, and factors such as its geographical location, roof structure and orientation will be evaluated. For further information, please see our terms and conditions.

Can I cancel and remove my solar package?

Yes, you can provide notice and have the solar package removed anytime. If you leave in the first 24 months, an early exit fee of $1,200 (including GST) and a removal fee will apply. The removal fee is based on the size of the solar system and is $150 (including GST) per kW. For example, if you installed a 5kW system, the removal fee would be $750 (including GST). If cancelling after 24 months, there is only a removal fee.

What happens to the solar package if I move or sell my house?

Having a solar and battery system could increase the desirability of your house. Below are four different options if you were to move or sell your home:

  • You can purchase the solar package outright at any time.
  • You can cancel at any time, subject to a removal fee and an early exit fee if it’s within the first 24 months.
  • You can transfer the solar package to the new owners.
  • If you rent the property, you can pass the benefits onto your tenants by signing a new occupier agreement.

What if my meter needs upgrading?

As part of the installation process, your metering needs will be assessed, and if a meter upgrade is required, this will be completed at no cost to you.

If I buy the solar package, how does the depreciation work?

You can buy the solar package at any time, and the cost will be based on a depreciation schedule, meaning solar assets will become cheaper as they age. This also allows you to try the benefits of solar before you invest.

Do I get a solar feed-in tariff or free electricity when the sun shines?

As part of the Solar Together Program, you will not obtain a solar feed-in tariff when generating solar. If you enter this program, the reward and energy plan you receive will apply to all your consumption regardless of whether your energy comes from the solar panels, battery or the grid.

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