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Our renewable energy network lets you pay less while doing good

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Smaller bills, bigger impact

By making the switch to cheaper renewable energy, your business can pay less for its power bills while taking a stand for a more sustainable future.

We upgrade Aussie businesses to our renewable energy network without the upfront cost of traditional solar and battery solutions. So you can drive down your company’s energy costs and emissions in one go.

It’s as simple as switching your electricity plan with your existing provider. We’ll assess your site, install your system, and set you up with access to cheaper, greener energy that benefits your business and the planet.

Why Connect Your Home to the
National Renewable Network?

Zero upfront costs

Good news - you don’t need any finance to join our renewable energy network. We’ll get your business up and running without any upfront expense.

Lower energy spend

Reduce energy costs across your organisation, with the cheapest source of energy on the planet. We’ll even guarantee a lower rate for your electricity.


Is your business doing its bit for a sustainable future? By making the switch to renewables, you’ll cut your carbon emissions and set a shining example.


We remove the headaches of switching to renewable energy, with equipment, installation and maintenance of your solar and battery system included.


Schedule your power and maximise your savings. Our smartphone app lets you switch your energy on and off from anywhere, so you can take control of your company’s energy usage.

Option to purchase

You can choose to purchase your NRN solar and battery system through your business at any time. Own it or don’t - the choice is (always) yours.

So, how does it work?

Keen to upgrade to a cheaper source of energy without finance or upfront costs? We thought so! Here’s how to get up and running with Australia’s renewable energy network:


Check your address to see whether NRN is currently available in your area.


We’ll do a quick assessment and arrange your solar and battery system installation.


Switch your electricity plan to our renewable network through your current provider.

And that’s it - you’re all set to start using cheaper, greener energy that’s better for you and the planet.

"If your current energy supplier isn't an NRN partner, talk to us about your options.


Check your address below for an instant eligibility check and we'll let you know the next steps

How NRN Compares With Other Market Alternatives

No Solar & Battery
Cash-Purchase Solar & Battery Finance Solar & Battery NRN Bundle
Purchase Cost N/A $35,000 Upfront $0 Upfront $0 Upfront
Electricity Costs (Year 1) $5,500 $1,500 $1,500 $3,500
Total Cost After Year 1 $5,500 $36,500 $9,500 $3,500
Payback Period n/a 8.75 Years
9.5 Years
0 Years
Cost After 10yrs $61,618
 *2.5% increase per year
$51,805 $56,805 $39,211
Total Savings After 10 Yrs $0 Saved $9,813 Saved $4,813 Saved $22,407 Saved
Frequently asked questions

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Zero. Yes, you read that right. We don’t charge a cent to upgrade properties to renewable energy. You simply switch your electricity plan with your energy provider and access our renewable network using the solar and battery system we install.
Eligible properties that switch their electricity to our renewable network will receive a fully optimised solar and battery system, plus installation and maintenance. This is included at no cost to you and allows you to connect to our renewable network.
You’ll continue paying your energy provider and your plan will remain with them. We simply set you up and connect you to our renewable energy network.


Check your address below for an instant eligibility check and we'll let you know the next steps