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Introducing Alinta's Energy Program

Solar and battery installations at no cost.

We're making renewable energy more accessible by sharing the cost savings with you. To stay updated on our program's development, register your details below.

How Will This Program Benefit You?


No upfront costs and significant energy savings


Make your home a source of clean and renewable energy


Fully managed and maintained solar package


The option to purchase the solar package at any time

How the Program Works


NRN & Alinta Energy will provide the right solar solution for your home at no cost, without a payment plan or financing.


Receive a better energy offer with 20% off the Default Market Offer* on your electricity bill.


Your electricity plan tariff applies to all energy consumption, regardless of the source (grid, solar panels, or battery).


NRN & Alinta Energy will manage the solar and battery assets to maximize energy efficiency for your household and the electricity grid.


You have the option to purchase and own the solar package at any time.

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