Holiday homes & Leisure based Real Estate Do Not Pay For
Solar & Battery Hardware with NRN.

Solar For Holiday homes & Leisure based Real Estate

The NRN is supporting holiday homes and leisure based real estate by upgrading entire sites to solar, battery and EV charging without any purchase cost for the hardware, installation and ongoing maintenance.

Cost-Barriers Removed

The NRN’s next roll-out is committed towards helping Leisure Accommodation sites have access to renewable energy without having to pay for the Solar, Battery and EV charging point provided.

About You

Holiday homes and luxury leisure based estates spend $6000-8000 annually just on electricity alone. At NRN, this is replaced with cheaper, green energy that's 100% environmentally friendly without the need to pay anything for the solar-battery hardware.

Zero Liability for Holiday homes & Leisure based Real Estate

Zero risk of ‘low or no-return’ on investment as the holiday / leisure property doesn’t pay anything for the Solar & Battery system.

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Confirm Your Eligibility

Chat to our team of experts who will confirm your sites eligibility and review the charts on your energy bill. Then, simply complete a short form to start the application process and we’ll come back to you within 2-3 days with your results.

Receive Installation Of Your System

Once approved, our accredited solar installation experts will visit your home to install your solar and battery system at no cost to you. the NRN will also provide you with access to the latest smart home technology to help you control your power and appliances remotely from your mobile.

How it works

NRN Provides

Solar Systems
Battery Storage
EV charging Points
Unlimited Warranty

‘Green Bundle’ Provided by NRN’ The NRN’s secured fund is used to purchase Solar, Battery and EV charging points for Australia’s energy retailers to use.

Energy Retailers

NRN ‘licenses’ the hardware to energy retailers for a daily fee so they can provide renewable energy plans that include the assets as a bundle for their customers to enjoy.


A customers electricity plan gets upgraded to cheaper green energy without having to pay anything for the solar, battery and EV charging point.


The NRN installs the Solar, Battery & EV Charging Point and maintains and repairs all hardware for the customer’s entire duration, at no cost.

Save Money

Customer enjoys benefits from going green and saves money from lower utility costs.

Zero Liability For Holiday homes & Leisure based Real Estate

Zero risk of ‘low or no-return’ on investment as the holiday / leisure property doesn’t pay anything for the Solar & Battery system.

Zero risk of inflated costs for the hardware unlike current buy-now-pay-later finance deals which defers but increases the customer’s costs with interest or inflated pricing.

Zero risk of being charged for (a) maintaining (b) repairing (c) replacing the system hardware. The NRN provides a lifetime warranty to each system.

Who Else is Doing This?

The NRN’s sophisticated and proven-in-market model enables Australia’s Energy retailers to offer a cheaper, sustainable alternative than standard electricity to its entire fleet of customers including, residential, commercial and industrial sites.

The NRN has matured experience and specialist knowledge on installing Solar & Battery systems with smart energy management capabilities and EV charging for systems ranging from 5kW to as high as 99kW.

Discover What System Size is Right for Your holiday/leisure property

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Type Commercial Instalattion Church
Status Complete
Post Code 2975NSW
System Size 32kkW
Producs Longi Panels x Hybrid Sungrow Inverter & Sungrow Battery with EV charging
Cost of hardware & Install Zero Capital Expenditure
Savings Achieved 51%(Before NRN $9862 After NRN $4749)

The Five Reasons To Join The Network

1. No Purchase Cost for Hardware

We think every Aussie should have access to cheaper, greener energy. So the NRN have removed the cost barriers entirely to let everyday Aussies upgrade to renewable energy without any finance or upfront costs.

2. Unlimited Warranty & No Maintenance Costs.

We connect you to a cheaper
source of energy and even guarantee a lower rate than your current one. So you can power your home for less.

3. You’ll Save Money

Green, renewable energy is the cheapest source of energy in the world. But now at last its available to access without having to purchase a Solar and Battery system.

4. 100% Australian Owned and Operated

We believe every Australian household and business deserves to partner with a reputable company who has their best interests at heart.

5. Simplicity

There are no upfront costs or finance involved and all hardware is provided for you without any requirement to purchase it. You simply ‘opt’ to join the National Renewable Network and we’ll upgrade your current energy plan to renewable energy and work with your energy provider to install, service and maintain the system at no cost to you. This way you can save money and go green, without the expense.

NRN’s Commitment to Australia by 2025


Total Solar (kWp)


Customer Cost Savings


New Sites


Emissions Avoided

‘Be Green’ without upfront costs or finance

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