National Renewable Network is changing the way our country is powered and you can get involved.

At NRN, we are upgrading our current infrastructure by upgrading homes and businesses to Renewable Energy, without the cost of finance. As our Energy Retailer partners offer exclusive Energy Plans, that will include everything necessary to produce, store and manage renewable energy.

Interested in Investing in the future?

NRN is Australia’s first Decentralised Energy Network, which enables energy retailers to purchase and manage energy smarter for the benefit of the environment, their profit margins and the consumer savings.

Therefore we charge the energy retailer a more cost effective rate of generating and supplying energy to homes and business by joining our network. The Energy Retailer then creates an energy plan with a difference, that it is cheaper and renewable. The outcomes of this has been staggering and has positioned NRN as a no brainer for the Retailer and Consumer.

Traditionally in Australia a Network is the distribution part of the supply chain, in which Energy Retailers pay a daily supply charge and a variable volume charge to the network. Yet over the past few years this has become more expensive, whilst renewable has become financially more attractive.

What are the benefits for the retailer and consumer?



The retailer is able to benefit from aggregating excess energy and trading via a VPP to increase their source of income. Not only that, but the retailer is able to many energy “Behind the Meter” to mitigate risk and market exposure. Here are some key metics for an Energy Retailer:

  • 310% GP Margin increase post NRN
  • 78% decrease in market exposure



The biggest cost in the consumer energy bill is the distribution of the electricity. Therefore once this cost stack is decreased, the consumer is able to access cheaper energy plans. Here are some key metrics :

  • 36% Discount (From DMO)
  • 80% Decreased in CO2-e Annually

What’s in it for us and where are we at?

Lots! We have been piloting and testing this model for the past 24 months in the market, from a financial lens and technology landscape to understand how we can financially reward all stakeholders via Renewable Energy, and we solved it!

During this 24 month period we have successfully installed over 600 homes across Australia whilst capturing data and understanding the consumer and market behaviours. We are very proud and excited to open a new round of investment into this exciting journey ahead.

We will soon launch 2 new Energy Retailer partners in NSW, to start expanding on the National Renewable Network and it would be great to have you on the journey.

Raise Details:

  • Series A Round
  • $2,500,000 AUD Target | $550,000 already committed
  • Min. Investment $100,000 AUD
  • Closing date 16th September 2021

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