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We’re on a journey to move more homes and businesses to renewable energy, for the good of all Australians.

By helping people across the land switch to a cleaner, cheaper source of power, we can collectively reduce our carbon emissions while making energy more affordable for everyone.

Our mission is made possible by impact investors who share our passion for a greener tomorrow.

Who We Are

The NRN (National Renewable Network) is a nationwide network of renewable energy.

Working with energy retailers, we upgrade properties to renewable energy without any finance or upfront costs. And that means more people can make the switch to a cheaper source of energy that’s better for the planet.

The time to work towards a greener future is now. Be part of the movement and together we can make cleaner power a reality for all.

What We’re Doing

Providing cheaper energy for all

No finance, no capital.
We upgrade properties to renewable energy at no charge, so more Australians can acces greener energy.

Creating a more sustainable future

We connect you to a cheaper
source of energy and even guarantee a lower rate than your current one. So you can power your home for less.

Building a modern energy network

Play your part in a more
sustainable future. With 80% of your energy coming from renewable sources, you'll reduce your carbon footprint.

Making green energy accessible

From equipment and installation to
maintenance and smart home technology, all you need to do is switch your electricity plan.

Reducing global carbon emissions

Our smart home technology
app lets you monitor your power generation and energy use in real-time via your mobile device.

Decentralising + decarbonising energy

You always have the option to
purchase your solar and battery system at any time in the future and own it outright.

Changing the future
of Australia, one property at a time

If you’re looking for an alternative investment strategy that combines social responsibility with cutting-edge innovation and game-changing impact, you’ve found it in NRN.

Our vision is a brighter, more sustainable future. By investing with us, you’ll help to make it a reality.

Trustee of NRN Asset Fund

Rhodes Asset Management Ltd
ACN 165 917 813 AFSL NO. 464 772

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