Empowering homes and businesses to future proof their electricity tariff.

And better avoid increasing energy prices

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IO Energy & The National Renewable Network (NRN) have removed the cost barrier to solar power for Homes & Businesses.

With this shiny new ‘Add-on’ to your current tariff, you will be supplied with solar panels and a solar battery with the costs covered by an Australian-supporting retailer, ‘IO Energy’.

"Helping more neighbours to avoid increasing grid energy prices and future-proof their electricity costs".

How We Do It.

At the National Renewable Network (NRN), we cooperate with environmentally focused energy companies in Australia in order to provide access to renewable energy without customers having to buy or own a solar & battery system.

How You Can Do It

By joining this connected community of environmentally smarter businesses and residential consumers, you entirely avoid the costs of a solar and battery system. There are no upfront costs or finance involved. Just a future-proof energy solution you can be proud about choosing.

Do You Agree or Disagree?

”Australians shouldn't have to pay thousands of dollars on a solar & battery system in order to have access to sustainable, environmentally friendly energy - It should be provided by energy companies as easily as standard electricity”

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We’ve made it simple!


You don’t need to pay for a Solar & Battery system


You don’t need to pay for any Installation or maintenance


You don’t need to own a home - renters can also apply.

Hear from local Aussies that have added ‘NRN’ to their electricity tariff without the cost of a solar & battery system

“Professionally run company with fast service. They keep you informed during the whole process. I can't believe it only took just over a week from first contact to a completed installation.”

Fraser Martin

“From the start NRN has been very easy to deal with and very professional. Everything was explained in a way that was easy to understand and they responded quickly to all of my enquiries.”

Mary Ann Muscat

As the National Renewable Network of Australia, it's our soul-mission to help homes, businesses and communities unlock their own sustainable future and have complete control over their energy costs.

Here’s how

Io Energy Is an unique energy retailer that will cover the costs of your solar and battery system for you.

The NRN will install the system and cover all ongoing maintenance and servicing costs.

See how this ‘NRN add-on’ compares with other market options of buying and financing a solar & battery system.

Reasons why you haven’t yet moved to renewable energy…

  1. The cost of buying a Solar System.
  2. Entry price for a battery is more expensive than a solar system.
  3. The hidden costs of maintaining and servicing the system
  4. Long return on investment duration of 8-10 years for a solar-battery systems due to the cuts in solar export credits nationwide.
  5. The hassle and stress of navigating through the ‘magnitude’ of information in order to know my money is being spent wisely.

Game Changer

When you add the ‘NRN package’ to your tariff, there are no costs for the solar and battery system provided or the installation. All servicing and maintenance costs are also covered by the NRN for you.

How it works

NRN Provides

Add-on Bundle
Solar Systems
Battery Storage
Electric Vehicle Chargers
Unlimited Warranty

The NRN funds the ‘Add-on Bundle’ items and ‘licenses’ the hardware to energy retailers for a daily fee so they can use them.

Energy Retailers
Energy retailers can then supply environmentally friendly electricity to their customers without charging the customer anything for the hardware.
The customer submits an application to the NRN to be upgraded to the solar power supply without any other costs involved.
If the application is ‘approved’ the NRN will install a solar & battery system. All ongoing maintenance, repairs and servicing is provided for the customer’s entire duration at no cost.
Your Access
Enabling homes and businesses to access renewable energy without the costs of solar and battery.

‘Future proof’ your current electricity tariff and save money.

Find out if your home/business tariff can be upgraded to solar and battery without having to pay anything for a solar and battery system.


National Renewable Network

Joining the National Renewable Network means more than feeling good from being environmentally smart… We also upgrade your home/business with additional technology for free so you can control your energy and maximise your savings potential.

IO Energy has a purpose-built energy plan that includes a solar and battery system as an ‘Add on’ to enable customer access to renewable energy without any costs for the system. The NRN simply install, maintain and service the system ongoingly at no extra cost.
Yes. The 'NRN add-on’ lets you connect to renewable energy without any costs for the solar or battery system.
The NRN works with Australian energy retailers to provide solar power, battery storage and EV chargers to residential homes and businesses through a unique model where the customer doesn’t have to pay anything for the hardware or the installation.
Depending on your electrical usage, it is likely that you will see some savings from selecting this renewable ‘Add on’. But every case is unique with tailored results. We will provide you with your results once you have completed your eligibility check which you can do simply by contacting NRN below.

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