Connecting Australia to a
Better Source of Energy

We upgrade homes and businesses to renewable power for less

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We’re shaking up
the way you access renewable energy

Our national renewable energy network is changing the way Australians connect to renewable power, by upgrading homes without the expense.

Financing? Forget about it. Upfront costs? Not with us.

By partnering directly with energy retailers, we connect eligible properties to our renewable energy network at no charge, with a solar and battery system that’s included as standard.

Which means Australians across the land can access cleaner, cheaper energy and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Transforming the Future of Australia’s Energy

Cleaner energy
for all

No finance, no capital.
We upgrade properties to renewable energy at no charge, so more Australians can acces greener energy.

Making energy affordable

We connect you to a cheaper
source of energy and even guarantee a lower rate than your current one. So you can power your home for less.


Play your part in a more
sustainable future. With 80% of your energy coming from renewable sources, you'll reduce your carbon footprint.

Everything you need to switch to renewables

Solar + Battery

We’ll install a complete solar and battery system that allows you to connect to our national renewable energy network.

Maintenance + Optimisation

You can rest assured that the complex stuff - like system maintenance and optimisation - is all covered by us.

Smart Home Technology

Renewable power meets powerful tech. Our energy app lets you monitor your generation and usage in real-time via a mobile device

Frequently asked questions

Got a Query?

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The eligibility check is made up of two simple steps. The first check is to make sure you’re in one of the many NRN green spots. You can do this by checking your postcode here. The second step involves having an evaluation of your properties switchboard, meter box and roof space along with an analysis of your electricity bill
What documents do I need?
If you are not in an eligible area, make yourself known by fast tracking yourself through completing the eligibility form in advance and you will be the first to be upgraded when we do arrive! Join the waitlist as we may only be a few weeks away.

Ready to make the switch to renewable energy?

Check your address for an instant eligibility check and we’ll let you know the next steps.