Accepting Eligibility Checks

New Energy Plan Includes
Solar & Battery
No Upfront Cost or Finance

Check Your Eligibility

(1). What’s on offer?

The NRN works with your energy retailer to see if you your existing electricity plan can be upgraded to green, environmentally friendly electricity at a cheaper rate, at no cost.

What’s the Benefit? (2).

You’ll have a brand new solar and battery system provided for you at no cost so that you can start enjoying green energy and save money.

(3). Am I eligible?

The NRN is now accepting ‘Expression of Interests’. Once you have completed yours below, we’ll be in touch regarding your eligibility results and further information.

Fast Track Eligibility Call (5mins)
Upon booking you’ll receive a welcome pack with more Information.

“Hear from everyday Australians that have saved with green energy through their existing energy retailer with the NRN’s help”.

“Professionally run company with fast service. They keep you informed during the whole process. I can't believe it only took just over a week from first contact to a completed installation.”

Fraser Martin

““From the start NRN has been very easy to deal with and very professional. Everything was explained in a way that was easy to understand and they responded quickly to all of my enquiries.”

Mary Ann Muscat

Energy Bill Savings

Understand what kind of savings can make your energy bill by moving to a green energy plan.

Standard Grid
Electricity Rates

(Price of 'Essential Energy')
Peak Rate: 0.34c
Off Peak: 0.18c
Shoulder: 0.33c

Clean Energy
Electricity Rates

Peak Rate: 0.30c
Off Peak: 0.13c
Shoulder: 0.09c

Are these the reasons you haven’t yet moved to solar & battery?

Do you agree?

These are our reasons why it’s not wort purchasing a solar or battery system anymore:

The significant costs of buying a solar system.

The hassle and stress of understanding which panels out of the 300 different types are good, great and which ones to avoid.

Entry price for Batteries are 10k!! Its far too expensive with return on investment durations that exceed its warranty period.

The hidden costs of maintaining and fixing faults and breaks in the system for the next 10 years.

Solar Sales Leeches - constantly being told each week that this is the new best panel and inverter but not actually knowing if its good value for money or if Im being ripped off.

Enough is Enough!!

At the NRN, we have built a solution where a solar and battery system is included in your current energy plan with your chosen energy retailer at no cost. This way, you can access the benefits and savings of green sustainable energy that everyone should be provided with.

Accepting Expression of Interests Below

The NRN works with your energy retailer to see if you your existing electricity plan can be upgraded to green energy at a cheaper rate, at no cost.

No Upfront Cost or Finance Involved.

Check Your Eligibility

Upon booking you'll receive a welcome
pack with more information.