Your Renewable energy Savings Report


Here at National Renewable Network,
our customers are our number one priority.

"The NRN team look forward to supporting you with your upgrade to sustainable power".

Alan Hunter

Alan Hunter
CEO, National Renewable Networks

What comes next?

National Renewable Network is committed to installing quality systems which will continue to generate clean, renewable energy for years to come. We do more on every step to ensure that all systems are installed to be safe & reliable. Through NRN, you could have your system installed & generating in as little as 14 days

1. On the ground inspection

Photos alone just don't cut it. We will ensure someone visits your home before installation, to ensure nothing gets missed. This is also your chance to tell us what you'd like from your install, so there's no suprises on the day

2. In house engineering

All sites are assesed in detail by our in house team of engineers. They design your system for your site, ensuring everything is absolutely perfect before we get to installation day.

3. Final Contract

Once the system is good to go, we will spend some time ensuring you completely understand every part of the NRN. We will also go through the final contract, so you know exactly what you're getting.

4. Installation

Our team of accredited installers will set a date with you and keep you informed every step of the way. After your installation, we will remove any rubbish and make sure your home is as beautiful as it was when we got there.

5. Start saving

Once your system is installed, we will commission it to ensure it is working perfectly. We will also ensure your system is connected to the grid and ready to go.

What comes next?


Ways to Improve Your Savings

There's always more ways to increase your savings. Did you know that the average NRN customer saves around 12%-20% from what they were paying before NRN? These hints below can help increase your savings by shifting more energy consumption to the daytime.