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Hear From Everyday Australians That Have Made The Switch To The NRN

“Professionally run company with fast service. They keep you informed during the whole process. I can't believe it only took just over a week from first contact to a completed installation.”

Fraser Martin

““From the start NRN has been very easy to deal with and very professional. Everything was explained in a way that was easy to understand and they responded quickly to all of my enquiries.”

Mary Ann Muscat

Who We Are

At the NRN, we believe all Aussies should have access to cheaper, greener energy that helps you save money while saving the planet.

That’s why we’ve removed the biggest barrier for people switching to green energy, the cost of the solar panels and battery.

With NRN, there are no upfront costs to upgrade your property to green energy. Seriously - it’s as easy as connecting to our network and switching your plan with your current energy retailer.

No finance, no upfront expenses - just a better deal for your energy and the environment.

Save on your energy bill

Join the NRN and enjoy savings on your energy bill. No need to change your energy provider, we can often help you transition to green energy through your existing retailer.

Go Green

Play your part in a more sustainable future. Make the switch to greener, cleaner, solar energy via the NRN network and do your bit to help your neighbourhood make a difference.

No finance, no extra costs

All eligible households receive a solar and battery system fully installed and maintained through the NRN network, without any upfront costs, joining fees or financing needed.

Find Out How You Can Switch to Green Energy

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How it Works


Register Your Interest

Simply provide us with your name, email address and postcode and we will send you further information on how to get access to a solar and battery system with no upfront costs, contracts or joining fees.


Confirm Your Eligibility

Chat to our team of experts who will confirm your eligibility by simply reviewing your current energy bill. Then complete the short application process to make the switch to green energy through your existing energy provider.


Receive Installation Of Your System

One of our accredited solar installation experts will visit your home to install your solar and battery system at no cost to you, also providing you with access to the latest smart home technology to help you monitor your power generation.

Have you held off on moving to green energy because of….

The significant cost of buying and installing solar panels and a battery that you then have to maintain

You don’t want to pay even more for green energy through your current energy company

You feel like it’s a lot of hassle to switch and you don’t know where to start