The NRN Is Available In Your Area

Great news! You can switch to sustainable energy without any upfront cost or finance whilst saving around 30% off your current energy bill.

Simply enter your details below and one of our team will contact you within 24 hours to provide further details on how you can easily make the switch to renewable energy and start saving today.

Your benefits of switching to renewable energy

  • Around 30% cheaper rate of electricity

  • Eco-friendly electricity - Reducing your CO2 emissions by 80%

  • No upfront cost or finance involved

  • Simplicity: Switch plans not providers

  • Ability to monitor your energy in real time

  • Sustainability: Contributing towards a globally greener future

Check out how much you could save

Average cost of electricity from a coal-fired power station.

$1800 per year

Average cost of electricity from a 5kW solar and battery system.

$1260 per year

Total savings = $520 per year

You save 30% with renewable energy

Figures based on a family of four using 16kW/h per day.

Everything you need to switch to renewables

Solar + Battery

We’ll install a complete solar and battery system that allows you to connect to our national renewable energy network.

Maintenance + Optimisation

You can rest assured that the complex stuff - like system maintenance and optimisation - is all covered by us.

Smart Home Technology

Renewable power meets powerful tech. Our energy app lets you monitor your generation and usage in real-time via a mobile device.

Eager to upgrade renewable? There’s now an easier way without any upfront costs or finance involved.

We're on a mission to create a greener energy future for Australia. By upgrading homes to renewable energy through our network, we're helping more people cut their carbon emissions while accessing lower-cost energy.

And because we partner with energy retailers, there’s no need for finance or upfront costs, with a fully optimised and installed solar and battery solution included in your package.

It’s as easy as switching your electricity plan - we’ll assess your property, install your system, and set you up with access to cheaper, greener energy that benefits you and the planet.

Frequently asked questions

Got a Query?

We've Got You Covered.

Yes. Our network lets you connect to renewable energy without finance or upfront fees. We install your solar and battery system at no charge, and you switch your electricity plan to our renewable network.
You’ll continue paying your energy provider and your plan will remain with them. We simply set you up and connect you to our renewable energy network.
To access our renewable energy network, you’ll need to check if we currently service your area by using the address checker below. If we do, we’ll assess your property and confirm whether we can install a solar and battery system at your home.