Shared Office Spaces Do Not Pay For Solar & Battery Hardware With NRN.

Solar For Shared Office Spaces

A number of Australian energy companies are teaming up with the National Renewable Network (NRN) to make a difference and truly support shared office spaces nationwide by upgrading them with solar, battery storage and electric vehicle charging points by covering the costs of the hardware and installation. Book Discovery Consultation


The NRN’s next roll-out is committed towards helping shared office spaces have access to renewable energy without having to pay anything for the Solar, Battery and EV charging point.

About You

Small-Medium sized shared office spaces spend mostly between $14,000-22,000 annually on electricity alone. At NRN, this is replaced with cheaper, green energy that's 100% environmentally friendly without the need to purchase a solar and battery system.


NO RISK of a ‘low or no-return’ on investment as the shared office site doesn’t pay anything for the Solar & Battery system. Meaning they will be accumilating savings from day one.

Calculate The Savings Potential Of Your Shared Office Space

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Savings With Solar Electricity:


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Check Your Site’s Eligibility

To confirm the site's eligibility, simply submit a copy of an energy bill and we’ll come back to you within 1-2 days with your results and the optimal size of the system.

We’ll Install A Solar-Battery System At $0.00

Once the site's eligibility has been confirmed and ‘approved’, you can apply to the NRN by completing a short application form to secure your system, the savings and the installation at no cost.

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How it works

NRN Provides

Solar Systems
Battery Storage
EV charging Points
Unlimited Warranty

‘Green Bundle’ Provided by NRN’ The NRN’s secured fund is used to purchase Solar, Battery and EV charging points for Australia’s energy retailers to use.

Energy Retailers

NRN ‘licenses’ the system to energy retailers so they can provide green energy from solar and battery systems for customers to enjoy and save with.


A customers electricity plan gets upgraded to cheaper green energy without having to pay anything for the solar, battery and EV charging point.


The NRN installs the Solar, Battery & EV Charging Point and maintains and repairs all hardware for the customer’s entire duration, at no cost.

Save Money

Customer enjoys benefits from going green and saves money from lower utility costs.

Zero Liability For Shared Office Spaces

Zero risk of ‘low or no-return’ on investment as the Office Space doesn’t pay anything for the Solar & Battery system.

Zero risk of inflated costs for the hardware unlike current buy-now-pay-later finance deals which defers but increases the customer’s costs with interest or inflated pricing.

Zero risk of being charged for (a) maintaining (b) repairing (c) replacing the system hardware. The NRN provides a lifetime warranty to each system.

Five Ways The NRN Is A Good Fit For Your Site:

1. No Cost for Hardware

We think Australia deserves to have cheaper, greener energy. That’s why the NRN has completely removed all cost barriers to enable Aussie homes & businesses to benefit from renewable energy without the cost of a solar-battery system.

2. Unlimited Warranty & No Maintenance Costs.

We connect you to a cheaper source of energy where all maintenance and warranty-costs are entirely covered by us so that you can power your home/business for less with no future expenses.

3. You’ll Save Money

Green, renewable energy is the cheapest source of energy in the world. But now its available without the costs of a Solar and Battery system.

4. 100% Australian Owned and Operated

We believe every Australian household and business deserves to partner with a reputable company who has their best interests at heart.

5. Simplicity

There are no upfront costs or finance involved and all hardware is provided and maintained for you. You simply ‘apply’ to the National Renewable Network and we’ll upgrade your site to renewable energy and install, service and maintain the system at no cost to you. This way you can save money and go green, without the expense.

NRN’s Commitment to Australia by 2025


Total Solar (kWp)


Customer Cost Savings


New Sites


Emissions Avoided

‘Be Green’ without upfront costs or finance

Find out if your Office Space can be upgraded to ‘Green Energy’ and save money with the NRN by clicking Below.