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Our innovative solar and battery platform eliminates the daunting initial costs associated with solar adoption.

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NRN Solar + Battery Benefits

Zero Upfront Costs

Wave goodbye to that worry! With NRN, you can leap into solar power without any initial investment. Whether you're renting, on a carer's or disability pension, or have had financial hiccups, we've got you covered. Go green and embrace solar energy without the financial strain!

Fixed Rates for Solar & Battery

Budget with confidence! NRN offers fixed solar and battery usage rates, protecting you from unexpected bill spikes. Plan your expenses with peace of mind, knowing your costs are predictable.

Flexibility to Own

NRN respects your freedom to choose. We offer a clear, discounted rate if you decide to purchase your solar system. 
You're in control, ready to switch to ownership whenever you feel ready.

Competitive Rates, Lasting Benefits

Enjoy the power of choice with NRN! As more retailers come on board, you'll continue to reap the rewards of competitive energy rates. It's not just about saving now – it's about financial well-being for the long haul.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Relax, we've got this! Your solar and battery system's servicing, monitoring, and maintenance are handled with NRN. Enjoy optimal performance without lifting a finger or incurring extra costs.

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Please note: This offer is not currently available if you already have solar on your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a question we often get. We partner with energy retailers to provide a plan where you only pay for the solar power you use, which is much cheaper than power from the grid. This way, you save more overall. Additionally, NRN uses its network to help manage a range of energy market scenarios based on the supply and demand of electricity, resulting in lower electricity costs for everyone. By being part of this network, you can be a part of an innovative way to save money and help the environment.

There are no upfront costs. You’ll be charged a reduced rate for the power you use from the Solar & Battery system. Fixed daily fees will cover standard network costs and VPP access. All of these costs are covered in your new, cheaper energy plan.
At NRN, we take full responsibility for the operation and performance of your system, you don't have to worry about a thing. We conduct regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure your system is operating at its best, and promptly fix any faults or underperformance issues that may arise. You can trust us to handle all the technical details and ensure that the system is functioning efficiently and effectively so you can enjoy the full benefits.
You're not locked into any one energy retailer. With NRN, you maintain your "Power of Choice" rights, which means you can switch energy retailers at any time to find the best rates for you. As long as you decide to go with another NRN Partner Retailer, your plan will still cover all the costs of operating and maintaining the system. The Partner Retailer plans are structured to provide you with the best financial benefits. If you choose a non-partner retailer, you'll have to pay a daily fee to NRN in addition to the standard rates and fees provided by the retailer.
Yes! You have the option to purchase your Solar and Battery system at any time according to the depreciation schedule in your service and maintenance agreement. The depreciation rate may vary based on your particular system. If you choose to purchase the system, we will transfer all warranties to your ownership, ensuring that you have full coverage.
There are three options if you decide to sell your home. A fully installed Solar & Battery system can increase your home’s value, making it more attractive to potential buyers. You can purchase the system per the depreciation schedule and recover the cost upon sale. Secondly, the NRN access agreement for the system can be transferred to the new owners, allowing them to continue to enjoy the exclusive rates. Thirdly, If you want to remove the NRN System, contact us at NRN to let us know. After you’ve paid the system’s total cost, we’ll take care of everything for you. We’ll arrange for a Solar Retailer to remove and deliver the system to an approved site. Your obligations under this contract will end once the system is removed and you’ve paid in full. After that, this contract will be terminated.

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Fill in the form and one of our staff will walk you through how NRN works and how you can start saving money on your energy bills.

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