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We are building a network to help all Australians

NRN helps more Australians protect themselves from rising energy costs by providing greater access to renewable energy plans. When joining the network, customers receive installed solar and battery at no upfront cost, which is covered in a competitive energy bill through their preferred energy retailer.

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What we believe

We believe all Australian's should have access to cheaper, greener energy that saves you money while saving the planet. At NRN we question why Australian households should have to pay for expensive energy infrastructure and be responsible for maintaining solar and battery systems? That’s why we’ve ditched the biggest barrier to get solar and battery power - the cost of the system.

Say goodbye to upfront costs

Get a solar and battery system that is optimised for your home and fully installed without any upfront costs or financing. Access exclusive, better electricity rates, with all servicing, repairs, and ongoing maintenance costs fully taken care of.

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No upfront costs

Fully installed solar and battery system with no upfront costs or financing.

Financial savings

Cheaper electricity rates on the power generated from the system. Lock in more stable prices while the standard grid rates are increasing.

Environmental impact

Reduce environmental impact and make your home a source of clean and renewable energy.

Fully managed

NRN manages the system ongoing to maximise the energy produced and to deliver the best benefits for the homeowner, hassle free.


No lock in contracts with NRN or our partner Energy Retailers. Switch energy plans or purchase and own the system outright at any time.

Peace of Mind

For any bumps along the way, whether with your equipment or energy retailer; NRN is looking after you for the life of your system.

How is this possible?

NRN partners with energy retailers to provide great energy plans to our customers. Instead of paying for the solar and battery system upfront, you only pay for the solar power that you use, which is cheaper than buying power from the grid. This way, you can save money overall.

Empowering Local Energy

The solar panels and batteries are connected to a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) network, which NRN uses to help manage the supply and demand of electricity in your local area. When the demand for electricity is high, the VPP can use the solar power from the system to help meet the demand, instead of relying on more expensive power from the grid.

The Power of the Network

The more we grow the network, the greater the benefit to the local community and the grid overall, bringing down energy costs for everyone. When you join the network, you get cheaper renewable power, as well as  doing your part to help the environment and the energy system as a whole.

Ready to make the switch to renewable energy?

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